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Angel of music Part 8
Three of the four brothers, Luka, and I sit at the table. Dean brought up a very sensitive topic: my past with Castiel. I was holding Luka in my lap until Kevin entered the room. Luka wiggled his way off my lap and then sat on the other side of Dean. I watched Luka for a second, but now I’m sitting here with my wounds of old aching again. I focus on trying to hold back the tears when I hear Castiel enter the room. Looking up, I see him smile at me and I do my best to smile back.
“(Y/n) and I will get the supplies later today.” He goes to the counter and messes with things over there. I look down again and start remembering things of the past I tried to bury.
~*~*~*~*~*~flash back~*~*~*~*~
I hear the giggles of the fledglings echo through the heavens as they play. There are fledglings of all ages in the nursery. I work there because I have no duty in heaven yet. I run and laugh with the little one’s like they are my own. Then the youngest in my group starts cryin
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 30 5
Mountains (before I saw them in real life) by krystacorn Mountains (before I saw them in real life) :iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 1 4
Homecoming Part two
The next day you were scrambling around trying to get ready. You had decided to wear matching purple flats and did your hair and makeup. You made it so that you could hide your weapons on your legs where no one could see them, but they were still accessible. At around 5:30 there was a knock at the motel room door. You and your brothers froze and looked to each other. You tried to get to the door first, but they beat you to it. They open the door and there stood Edric with his hair combed to one side and wearing a really nice suit. By this time your brothers had gone into their “touch-my-sister-and-you-die” mode.
“Hello, um, is (Y/n) here?” He shuffled around trying to get a look into the room. Sam kind of smiled and replied.
“Yes, she is. She is still in the bathroom getting ready.” From your point of view you saw Sam wave his hand at you, telling you to go finish getting ready. You huffed and rolled your eyes, but did what he asked. As soon as Sam a
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 84 16
(Sam/Reader) Help Me
I can hear the yelling in my head, my muscles tense. It won’t stop. I sit in my room curled up on the floor. Why does this always happen to me? I can’t handle it anymore. I need to run, just get away. I feel my heartbeat get faster, my hands start to shake. It’s hard to breathe. It won’t stop. My hands find their way up to my ears, trying to block out the noise coming from my head.
“Please STOP!!” I hit my head as I say each word. I can’t take it anymore. Tears stream down my face. I jump a bit as the door opens.
“Hey, are you okay? I heard some loud-” He swoops down before me when he sees me. “Hey, hey. What’s wrong?” Sam gently takes my arms away from my head. I flinch slightly, the yelling still won’t stop. He wipes the tears from my face with his thumb.
“Hey,” he tries to make eye contact “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He looks me over while I shake my head.
“No, Sam, I&
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 50 9
Homecoming (BigBrother!Winchesters/Reader) part 1
“Come on, little sis. You need to go to school.” Dean nudged you with his foot off the bed. It was such a pain sharing with him. You landed with a thud.
“Dean!” You heard a self satisfied chuckle as you threw a pillow at him. You felt extremely uncomfortable with this school. It was weird. They were in the middle of this thing called ‘homecoming’. They dressed like fools, decorated each hallway differently, and were obsessed with football. You didn’t know why, and you didn’t ask either of your brothers.
You got yourself ready as Sam entered the room.
“Ready to go?” He was dropping you off today.
“Yeah, go to the car. I’ll be there in a sec.” You had an idea for revenge, and you needed a quick getaway. Sam went to the car and you got a cold cup of water. You walked over to your eldest brother, who still had a smirk on his face by the way, and poured it right on his head.
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 150 16
Character Introduction
My name is M. Just M. I’m a hunter. I can shoot, but I prefer knives. Knives are just more...personal. With guns all you do is point and pull the trigger. With knives you...feel everything. You feel it slice through skin, flesh, and bones. That’s the only time I let myself feel anything.
Other than that I don’t feel. Feeling brings weakness, vulnerability. Feeling brings back pain of the memory. Feeling brings sadd-No!
No. No feeling, just hunting. Think of my weapons. Think of Mischief and Mayhem, my sais. Mischief, my silver sai with the black leather handle. Mayhem, my iron sai quenched in holy salt water. Think of what it feels like to sink my knife into the demon. Think of the look of the life flickering out of a vampire’s eyes. The heat of a burning corpse. The feeling of salt on my skin, in my cuts. Remember the power, remember my reason. Remember how he took my family from me. Remember their screams, let it fuel me. Let the rage burn like lava through my
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Angel of music (Dean/Reader/Castiel) Part 7
*Tap Tap Tap*
Luka softly taps Dean’s shoulder, and Dean grumbles to himself, not wanting to wake up yet.
*Tap Tap Tap*
The taping has moved from his shoulder to his face and Dean’s eyes slowly open, revealing a content looking Luka. Dean rubs his eyes slowly, sitting up. Luka climbs onto the couch and wiggles his way onto Dean’s lap. He’s kind of surprised, usually kids don’t like him all that much in his opinion. Luka just hums and snuggles his head into his chest. Dean wraps his large arms around Luka’s midsection, so he doesn’t fall.
He looks over and sees Cas slouched over at the end of the couch. Then he looks down and finds (Y/n), sound asleep. Her hair is disheveled and her eyes move sporadically under her eyelids. Her breathing deep and even, with her mouth slightly open. Who knew someone could be so beautiful?
As Dean admires her, he feels Luka’s small stomach rumble under his hand. He looks down to the small child and smiles so
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 66 12
I don't even know anymore
Sam stares intently at a wall.
Dean says "What are you staring at?"
Sam says "Don't talk to me."
Dean asks "Why?"
Sam says "I can't pee when people talk to me."
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 3 2
Balthazar / Reader
You sit in front of your window, staring at the snow. You have a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands and a blanket on your shoulders. You used to love doing this, just sitting and thinking. It used to help you with anything. That was before. Before him.
It’s a perfect day. Snow slowly falling, making everything beautiful. You smile to yourself. Finally a peaceful day. You settle into your chair and sip your drink. Suddenly you feel hands on your shoulders and a kiss on your cheek. You look and find Balthazar, your angel slash boyfriend. He was looking out the window with a confused look and a tilt of the head.
“Why do you do this? It isn’t entertaining at all.” He said in his accent that made your knees weak. You smile and peck him on the cheek before replying.
“I think it is. It helps me relax, plus, it’s so pretty!” He looks you in the eyes.
“Not as pretty as someone I know.” He states matter of factly. You smirk.
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 69 7
Puppy love (Dog!Sam / Reader)
“Really? Sam I am trying to read!” You said as you try to push the big oaf off your lap. You were sitting on a couch in the bunker, and you were really into this book!
“Shhh. Just let it happen.” For some odd reason, Sam decided that he wanted to lay on your lap. After a few minutes of pushing, and laughing from Sam, you just rolled your eyes and gave up. It ended with his head on your thighs and his eyes closed. You rested your arms across his chest and read from there. As time went on, you brought the book closer to your face, and subconsciously started playing with Sam’s hair. Only when you heard him humm with pleasure did you stop and look at what you were doing.
“Why did you stop?” He looked at you with big puppy eyes that made the blood flow to your cheeks. Not going to lie, it was nice seeing him happy and content like that.
“I didn’t realize I was doing it, sorry. Anyway, I want a snack, so if you could kindly move…
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 263 58
Bones / Reader
You were currently hiding in a supply closet on the starship Enterprise. Why? One word: checkups. Normally, you would jump at the chance to have your boyfriend check you over, but this time it’s different. This time, you were supposed to get your yearly injections.
Well, technically, you were supposed to get them a week ago. Now Bones has security searching for you. As you sat there contemplating things, the door slides open. You don’t move, just stare at the man in the gold shirt.
Neither of you move, until he gets a smirk on his face.
“You know you can’t hide from him forever. And I’ll have to tell him where you are.”
“You don’t have to tell him anything, you just want to.” You grumble. Just then two rather large security officers appear behind him. Captain Kirk turns around and pats them on the shoulder.
“Looks like I won’t have to tell them!” The two officers look fro
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 59 3
Stupid research paper....
this paper is the stupidest thing ever. I really can’t get it. I write fiction. I have run with the Doctor, hunted with Sam and Dean Winchester. I have helped Bones in sick bay, and I have held hands with a Vulcan. I have solved problems with Sherlock and Watson, and fought in King Arthur’s army. I have kissed a fallen angel, and played solitaire with Satan. How is it, that even with all of these amazing achievements, I cannot write a simple research paper? Why won’t the words work? This sucks.
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 5 1
Mature content
Supernatural / Reader part 13 :iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 62 14
Angel of music (Dean/Reader/Castiel) part 6
Luka yawns in my arms, and rests his head on my shoulder. I look down at him, "Are you sleepy?" He nods his small head. He seems to be about 10 months old.
"Do you have some sort of bed for him?" I look at the four brothers, that is what I am referring to them as, and they look amongst themselves confused. Dean is the first to speak up. "We could put some blankets and things on the floor, just for tonight."
"That's a good idea, here." I give Luka to Dean, who looks like a fish out of water for a minute, before adjusting the child in his arms. Baby Luka leans his head in the crook of his neck, and I can't help but smile at the sight. I look to the other men and see that Sam and Kevin seemed to hurry out, and I motion to Cas to come help me get the blankets, because I don't know where they are. He brings you down a long hallway and see a small closet. He opens it to reveal blankets and pillows. I grab some and hand them to Cas. The silence is suffocating.
"Do you remember when I used to
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 67 17
Angel of music (Dean/Reader/Castiel) part 5
I woke with a start. Ow, my head. I placed my finger to it and moved my grace so it would stop. I notice that the blood is gone. Strange.
Where am I? The last thing I remember is talking to Cas, and his people. My hand sweeps the mattress, finding the clean clothes. There's a note on it.
"Wear this as a replacement of the dress." I look down to my dress, and I must agree, it is in a bad state. Stained from blood and ripped from the fall, I decide that it wasn't a bad idea. I hold up the shirt, and it takes up most of my body. I take off my dress and place it over my head. It reaches down just above my knees. I hold up the other piece of clothing, and it looks to be some sort of shorts. Hm. Never thought they would own shorts, much less wear them. I slip them on, and they barely stay on my hips. I notice that there is a safety pin underneath the clothes and use it to keep the shorts up.
I poke my head out of the door and hear voices. And crying. Who's crying? There are at least 4 people
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 54 5
hijacked series 10
There was nothing, just elves. Elves, everywhere my eyes could see. Then, there was a bright light. A bright, red, light. As it got closer and closer, I could see the outlines of antlers-dozens of them. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see deer. Reindeer, nine of them. Then, a faint noise could be heard. It was almost musical. I could also hear footsteps. There was another bright light, but it was white this time and far more blinding. Then, a man speaking.
"Do not be afraid my child." a hand reached out and patted my shoulder gently, as if to comfort me. I nodded, not sure what to say back.
"Do not be afraid, for I am Jesus. I have come to rescue you with my reindeer and elves. A Christmas miracle, if you will. Now, come with me, and we shall dine at the longest table McDonald's has with all of my disciples."
"Disciples?" I questioned
"My cult, if you will. Your friends will be there too."
"Sam?" I questioned. Just the sound of his name made my heart race
"Yes, Samuel. He doe
:iconkrystacorn:krystacorn 6 2


It's A Date (BuckyxReader) One-Shot
“Tell me again why we’re doing this?” Bucky asked with a chuckle as he followed you into the gym.
“Because after getting mugged a week ago, I want to learn how to defend myself.”
He smiled a lopsided grin, his eyes trying not to stray to certain parts of your body. Since you were wearing a fitting white tank top with black, gym shorts that were above the knee, he couldn’t help but stare. When you had gotten mugged last week, you were more furious than upset. You were angry that a man made you feel so weak and helpless. Thankfully Bucky had showed up in time to prevent you from getting hurt but you still wished you could have fought back.
After persuading him and begging him, Bucky finally agreed to teach you a few moves in the gym so that you could defend yourself. He wanted to help you anyways. What if he wasn’t there the next time something bad happened to you? He didn’t want to think about it but the idea of you lying on the ground bea
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 295 87
Harassment - Brother!Sam!Dean x Sister!Reader
I stormed through the house, slamming the front door shut. I throw my boots off and climb up the stairs towards my room.
"Hey, (nickname) how was school today?" Dean asked as I stomp past him.
"Don't talk to me!" I spat.
I slam my bedroom door shut. I throw my bag across the room. I lean against my door and slide down it until I hit the rough carpet. I pull on the sleeves of my cardigan as the tears roll down my cheeks. I cover my face to muffle the sobs and cries.
This isn't happening. This can't be happening. Why me? Why did they choose me? What did I ever do to them? Why? Why?!
I push myself off the floor. I land on my desk and open up the laptop I had received as a birthday present from Sam so I could write up essays for classes. I wipe the water away with my sleeve. I log into my account. What is the point of me having this? I don't have any friends apart from a few classmates I talk to in a few classes; but at lunch and break, I'm alone.
I always sit on my own eating whatever org
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 249 33
Sass-tiel 6 (Warning: Language) by enginesummer Sass-tiel 6 (Warning: Language) :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 225 53 Sass-tiel 5 (Warning: Language) by enginesummer Sass-tiel 5 (Warning: Language) :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 224 53 demons watch out by Sammaella demons watch out :iconsammaella:Sammaella 201 54 SPN dogs-Winchester Brothers re-do by Sammaella SPN dogs-Winchester Brothers re-do :iconsammaella:Sammaella 453 101 Sass-tiel 2 (Warning: Language) by enginesummer Sass-tiel 2 (Warning: Language) :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 337 76
I have so many questions that I want to ask but the only one I can say is why?
Why do you only talk to me when she isn't around? Or why do you only see me as someone important when you're upset or bored?
You don't care if I'm not feeling great, or I feel terrible. I ask you for advice and you give me horrible words.
After not talking to you for months I saw all your terrible flaws and I realised that you weren't as perfect as I first thought you were.
You made - and still do - me feel like shit and you messed me up more than I already was.
Yet I still told you that I loved you.
I convinced myself that I loved you so much that it physically hurt and I couldn't bare the thought of not talking to you for a day.
But now, but now I can handle that. I don't care if I don't talk to you for days on end.
I went four months without seeing your name flash onto my phone or spoke to you over Skype.
And I was fine. I was getting better.
Until suddenly, you appeared again, like nothing had changed be
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 5 4
The One and Only (ClintxReader One-Shot)
Clint Barton was your best friend. He had been one of the first few agents to actually approach you and say hi when you first joined SHIELD. He had been there to make sure that you trained properly by helping you with some combat moves. He even gave you some archery lessons. Those days were the best because of the way he would stand behind you and guide your fingers across the bow. Yes, you had a crush a Clint but who could blame you? The man was always there for you. He always made you laugh and did his best to cheer you up when you were sad. He even helped you out when Fury was giving you a hard time. 
He's the coolest friend a girl could ever have.
But you didn't want that. You wanted something more.
You desired something more. 
To put it simply, you wanted to be in a relationship with him.
But you couldn't tell him that. What if he rejected you? True, there had been many times when you thought he liked you back. There was that one time he had actually blushed when you cal
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 108 58
SPN: In the bunker (kind of SPOILER) by PheaVampire SPN: In the bunker (kind of SPOILER) :iconpheavampire:PheaVampire 33 11 The Dirty Jobs by enginesummer The Dirty Jobs :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 208 72 Serious Business by enginesummer Serious Business :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 219 46 Cas-ification by enginesummer Cas-ification :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 325 78
Hey Jude - DeanWinchesterxReader
(y/n) sat on her bed, her legs swinging off the side as she let reality sink in. Her
heartbeat slowed as she took control of her own breath. A bead of sweat grazed down her
forehead as the quietened night stay still, making her wakening more a little more
terrifying. She looked over at Sam who offered to sleep on the couch while she take his place one one of the twin beds. She then looked over at Dean who was sprawled over the whole bed. He could barely even fit in it. Her expressionless face stayed perplexed on Dean. She quietly stood up and headed towards his bed.
Dean felt a rush of cold air hit his face as he lay comfortably under his leather jacket for warmth. He shrugged it off as it being just wind. A tug on his white shirt forced his eyes to widen open. They darted from the ceiling to a figure standing at his bedside. He jumped in his bed as he reached quickly for his cell phone. He flipped it open as the screen light illuminated the bedside part some what.
"(y/n)?" He grumbled
:iconredhairedcomic:RedHairedComic 109 7
Votng closed
Okay so as you guys could probably guess that Halloween is my favorite holiday OF ALL TIME! So to celebrate I will be coming out of my hermit cave (HERMITS UNITED!) and I will WITE A STORY! :icongermanywtfplz: :iconfuckyeahamericaplz::iconrlyfranceplz: !!!!! So tell yo friends, yo family, yo family's dog, yo cat (though he probably won't like it), hell tell you Sim family! :iconitalyphoneplz:.   ANYWAY! I am still VERY busy so I can't write one for EVERYONE! So I will be doing one for Captain America! :iconcaptainamericaplz: and Russia :iconpartyhardrussia:.
 Now you watchers know how I like to work. I love to involve my readers in everything I do because they are the reason I do this! I love when you guys
:iconlady0red:Lady0Red 8 46
Yikes by enginesummer Yikes :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 360 68



so, writing.......yeah. I have been really slow and stuff, so sorry bout that. but good news!!! My schedule for school has changed so i can write and stuff at school so that is awesome but yeah, sorry for not writing alot lately. 


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Watson replied: “I see millions and millions of stars.”

Holmes said: “And what do you deduce from that?”

Watson replied: “Well, if there are millions of stars, and if even a few of those have planets, it’s quite likely there are some planets like Earth out there. And if there are a few planets like Earth out there, there might also be life.”

And Holmes said: “Watson, you idiot, it means that somebody stole our tent.”

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